Trauma-Informed Care Workshop

Date/Time: Friday October 20th 2023 from 1:00pm – 4:00pm (NST) and Saturday October 21st 2023 from 8:30am to 4:30pm (NST).

Location: The Birch on 120 Lemarchant Road, St. John’s NL

Cost: FREE for all current NLAOT members. Coffee breaks will be provided, however, participants are responsible for their own lunch.

Method of Delivery: In Person and Virtual. We are limited to 50 in person seats which will be provided to the first 50 individuals who register for in person seats. We encourage members to sign up ASAP if they are interested in attending in person.

Cancellation: If you are unable to attend the training after registering for the event we ask that you please notify us by emailing

Registration Deadline: End of day October 3rd 2023

Registration Link: See your email from NLAOT Secretary


Topics Covered:

  • What constitutes trauma?
  • Why traumainformed care in OT?
  • Working with vulnerable populations
  • What does it mean to be traumatized and what happens to the brain and the nervous system?
  • Sympathetic versus parasympathetic, aka, Fight Flight Freeze Fawn versus Calm
  • How do we override and change our nervous system patterns?
  • Regulating ourselves and co-regulating with our population
  • Practical ‘try them on’ strategies and skills


We will do a deep dive on the psychoeducation of trauma and the nervous system. We will unpack the nuances of what happens to the brain when we have been exposed to trauma, directly or vicariously.

Experiential Learning:

We believe it is important for the attendees to experience and apply strategies that will be derived from the psychoeducation. By experiencing strategies together, the attendees will learn how to regulate their nervous systems and actively take care of themselves in and out of the workplace.

Evolve Teaching Institute:

The founders of Evolve have unique and specialized training in the areas of clinical psychology, trauma, mindfulness, and mental health. We offer tailored wellness programs that reduce burnout and drive long-lasting change in individuals and organizations.

We advocate strongly for a change in the traditional wellness perspective and language on health topics. We promote trauma-awareness in organizations and teach practical strategies to regulate the nervous system for self-care, which benefits participants and the folks they work with.

Evolve Teaching Institute is an affiliate of The Calm Place Wellness Centre, a collection of therapists specializing in the treatment of diverse mental health needs.


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