Occupational Rehabilitation Services

Occupational therapists working in occupational rehabilitation services are primarily concerned with the ability of clients to perform their daily activities following an illness or injury.

Clients that are seen and managed by occupational therapists in this area of practice include those with musculoskeletal conditions, primarily, but also an array of other conditions that affect their ability to engage in work activity. Occupational therapists assess the functional tolerances of the clients, the demands of a job, and the environments in which these clients perform daily activities. Rehabilitation activities may range from clinic-based programs (i.e., work hardening, work conditioning, body mechanics education) to worksite-based programs, which are closely monitored by the Occupational Therapist (i.e., return to work programs).

Working Closely with Insurers

Occupational therapists work closely with insurers (in the automobile sector, benefits sector, and the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission), employers, and other health care providers. In Newfoundland and Labrador, occupational rehabilitation services are provided for employees of hospital-based settings and long term care, and for the general public in many private clinics.

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